About Katie

1.  I eat air-popped, buttered popcorn EVERY NIGHT.  The only time I skip this ritual is if I’m out and come home after midnight.  But if it’s one minute before, I’m popping the stuff.  And picking up a book to read.

2.  I am a disaster in the kitchen.

3.  The very first story I wrote was called The Little Angel.  It was about a naughty girl named Ginny who, in the space of a day, went from being a serious little devil to deciding to become a nun.  It was not intended to be a comedy but it was the cause of uproarious laughter in the family.

4.  I was married twice before I met my current husband:  Groom number one was a hand-puppet mouse named Munchie; Groom number two was a tiny toad I met at Girl Scout camp.  Unfortunately, one of the other scouts stepped on him before we could even throw the rice.

5. The only other job in the world that attracts me besides writer is: Flamenco dancer.

6.  The animated character I’m in love with is Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians.  Move over Tooth Fairy.  He’s mine!

7.  I have two cats now but intend to add several more when I am older. Yes. I will be a crazy cat lady.  And I will probably add a dog or two to the mix.

8.  I sleep with a fan on. All year round.

9.  I once made a batch of brownies so tough, my brother got a chainsaw to cut them with.

10. Fuzzy animals are my weakness.

photo by Ashley Marie Photography

4 thoughts on “About Katie”

  1. Hi! Came across your website in teh most random way, and when I saw your comments about popcorn I felt like it was divine intervention. I also LOVE airpopped popcorn and eat a lot of it, but i am dissatisfied with my popper AND the kernels I have been using. Do you have a brand of machine to recommend? and of popcorn? Thank you from a fellow writer! Kristin


  2. Hi! I wish I could give you some advice, but the brands of air poppers I can find here in Switzerland is pretty darn limited. Too many unpopped kernels. I also can only get a few kinds of popcorn here (and only yellow), but prefer white and wish I could get that on a regular basis. Basically, you get me back in the states and I buy the stuff like crazy.


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