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Of Wicked Blood


Slate didn’t mean to steal the Bloodstone from the De Morel’s crypt. Well, ok, he did, but that was before he knew that it was cursed. It will only come off of his finger if he and a group of three others manage to defeat four curses — if any of them fail, Slate dies a horrible, painful death. But if they succeed? They’ll bring magic back to the world.

Of Tainted Heart


Book 2 of the Quatrefoil Chronicles coming soon.

The Clockwork Siren Series


Melusine Doré slays monsters for a living. The grim and gruesome don’t frighten her; she can take on a cyclops or a three-tailed dragon without even breaking a sweat. But falling in love? Falling in love terrifies her. Because love has the power to reveal a secret dark and dangerous enough to completely shatter her world. 


When Melusine and Levi go hunt a beast down South, Melusine’s deepest fear becomes a reality as she finds herself in exactly the place where all her troubles began: home. There, Melusine must face the dark secrets and lies of her family’s past—and the very real possibility that she is more monster than maiden.


When Melusine and Levi discover that someone is trapping and torturing monsters, they’re led on a journey to a traveling freak show. A simple investigation quickly turns into a tangled mess. Levi goes missing and Melusine must tap into all her unusual talents to find and rescue her lover. This time though, Melusine won’t be the deadliest fish in the sea. 


Levi’s brother, Amos, has always been the respectable one. No matter what Levi does, he’ll never win his father’s favor. When Amos is taken by sirens, Levi is suddenly thrust into the spotlight, giving him the chance to become the man his father wants him to be. The question is, will Levi do what is proper, or what is right?  

Clockwork Siren Series Boxset

Immersed, Submerged, and Surfaced at an advantageous price when you buy as a set. 


Sixteen-year-old Sylvie has the ability to leave her body and astral project. While it could be like a superpower, for her it’s a curse.  That is, until she embraces its dark side and opens herself to evil.  But her newfound power quickly spirals out of control. An Indie B.R.A.G. award winner and a finalist in the Mslexia YA novel competition.

In Celestial: Love Me or Love Me Not

Six months ago, Star’s parents left her with a disturbing secret, one she’s guarded despite everything. But as the comet she’s been observing grows brighter and brighter in the sky, the consequences of keeping that secret come to light. A tragic story exploring sanity, love, and the quest for fulfillment.

Kissing Clarisse (a short story)

Clarisse Davies is by far the hottest girl in Scott’s 1957 high-school class. No one but the school stud, Jay, seems to even have a chance with her. Yet when Scott’s friends realize he can perfectly imitate Jay’s voice, they come up with a plan that will give him the opportunity to kiss Clarisse. But at what price? 

For Kids:

50 Amazing Swiss Women

By Laurie Theurer, Katie Hayoz, Anita Lehmann, Alnaaze Nathoo and Barbara Nigg. 

Illustrated by Mireille Lachausse.

This book celebrates the diverse accomplishments, struggles, and strengths of Swiss women. One-page biographies give readers a glimpse into the lives of fifty Swiss women – both historical and contemporary – who inspire and intrigue.

A Cat Named Oreo

By Katie Lee Koz/ Illustrated by Emma Hayoz

Oreo is a black and white cat with a very colorful personality. Sometimes he’s sweet. Sometimes he’s naughty. But he’s ALWAYS cute!

Just like people, animals have unique personalities. Not all pets are the same. Not all CATS are the same.

A Cat Named Noodles

By Katie Lee Koz/ Illustrated by Emma Hayoz

Her name is Noodles but she’s 100% cat!  This fat little kitty needs no one to tell her what she already knows – that she’s purrfect.

Just like people, animals have unique personalities. Not all pets are the same. Not all CATS are the same.

A Monster’s Guide to Life…In a Pandemic series:

By Katie Lee Koz and Laurie Theurer

Illustrated by Maria van Bruggen

Mummy Wears a Mask

Werewolf Howls at Home

Zombie Covers His Coughs

Witch Washes Her Hands

Do Yo Se Series:

Gifts for the Princess

A Dress for Rose

Stories in English for Korean Children. Available through Kyowon Publishing