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A Paranormal Activity

Something happened last weekend.  Something…uh…strange.

I love reading paranormal novels. And writing them.  In interest of authenticity (and out of curiosity), I decided to investigate this world that so captivates me on the page. 

I spent two days in a channeling workshop.  Yep, that’s right.  Channeling. Like mediumship, only (and I just learned this) with higher beings.  Imagine this:  Six students and a workshop leader, sitting in a room looking out onto a forest.  Quiet music playing.  A sense of safety.  Like a warm cocoon.  Our leader guides us through deeper and deeper meditation, inviting those she calls “spirit guides” to come to us.  To communicate through us. To use our bodies and our voices to speak so we can hear them.

And the crazy part?  It happened.  Something very paranormal took place.

I listened to my friends’ breathing change rhythm, saw their bodies jerk.  I heard words that wouldn’t normally come out of people I know coming out of people I know.  And while I wasn’t able — or possibly even willing — to get that far myself, I did feel my entire body tingle, my heart rate kick up, and a…a…presence surrounding me.  At one point a bubble of pure bliss encased me and I burst out laughing.  The smile lingered on my face for hours afterward.

The whole thing freaked me out.  And yet it was kind of cool. 

Ask me about my belief system and I can’t give a straight answer.  I’m still working out if I’m spiritual or religious or even atheist or agnostic or all or none of the above. I don’t talk about energies or angels or prophets or ghosts or past lives — at least not outside the pages of my manuscripts. Because, until last weekend,  not much had ever happened to me that’s considered outside the realm of what we call “normal.”

I’m still digesting the events of the weekend. I’m not worrying about whether I believe it or not, or  whether I’ll do it again, or what the meaning of it all is. In the end, that’s not really important.  What is important is that I had a new experience, saw things from a different perspective. It was a discovery for me — and isn’t that what life is about?

I’m not quite sure how to classify my channeling adventure.  But if I had to put a label on what I did last weekend, it would be:  Wow.  That was freaky cool.

2 thoughts on “A Paranormal Activity”

  1. When I was in Scotland with my kid, we stopped to take a photo. There was a white smoky substance on my camera but only when I pointed at the lake. I showed it to her. “Ghost” she said. I snapped the photo, the white stuff wasn't on it, but it continued to show up around the lake.


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