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Untethered online! Why the H should you buy it?

Electronic release: For those of you with a Kindle or Nook or iPad or whatever, Untethered is now online!!!

Get it at:

Barnes and Noble:HERE

Amazon USA: HERE

Amazon UK: HERE

Smashwords: HERE

(For those of you who prefer paper books THE PAPERBACK RELEASE IS MAY 1st!)

Why should you buy it?  Well, hopefully because it’s a damn good book.   And really it:

*is cheaper than a cup of Starbucks coffee, but will keep you awake for longer
*is cheaper than going to the movies, but it will keep you entertained for longer
*explores the paranormal but doesn’t involve vampires or werewolves
*explores the dark side of jealousy, but also makes light of it
*will make you look smart:  reading makes you look smart but this book…
*will also make you look cool.  Reading political history is intellectual.  Reading YA?  Cool.  Really cool.
*is a story I hope you will thoroughly enjoy.

Check it out.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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