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The Write Space

Every writer has a preferred place to write. You can learn a lot about a person by looking at her writing space.  So I thought I’d analyze mine and share the results with you.

(FYI: If I were rich, I’d have a totally different space.  I’d have enough money to get a new apartment with a real office of my own.  A room with a view and a door that shuts (and locks) and a huge DO NOT DISTURB sign.  Yeah, that would be my ideal.)
But what I’m making do with right now is this:

Yes.  I write at the kitchen table.  I chose that spot despite having a little Ikea desk in the hallway. 
And here’s why:
1.  The kitchen table is near the windows, hence sunlight.  As a writer, I spend 98% of my time indoors.  Gotta get those UV rays somehow.
2.    The kitchen table is in the kitchen.  Sooooo much closer to the candy.  Before, I’d interrupt my writing way too often to go forage for food. Now I’m right there.  And I’ve got a big table to spread it out on.  (Just don’t ask me what else has spread.)
     Which leads me to my NEXT writing space!  I’ve got two!

My homemade desk bike.  (Thank you to my fabulous father-in-law who built it).  I’m packing on the pounds, people.   All that sitting, writing, eating!  I have to do something.  And this way I can do it and work, too.

So what do these writing places say about me?  

I’m not sure.  That I’m a book and food obsessed writer who can’t stand small spaces and likes indirect sunlight?  

Or is it just that when we want to tell a story, we make do with what we’ve got.  Because, ultimately, the only thing that really matters is that you write. Anywhere.  Any way.  Anyhow.

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