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Guest post over on The Cover Contessa

Our pet lightning bug, Gigi! (Don’t worry, we freed her.)

Okay, I’ll be honest.  I’m on vacation and I was too unorganized to have written something ahead of time.  In my head, my vacation consisted of lots of time to read and write while the kids played together for hours.  Well, it’s not like that.

Actually, it’s much better.

Switzerland is awesome in the summer.  But WI is even better because the only thing I ever miss overseas is here: my family.  The kids and I have been spending every day with family we rarely see. It’s been so fun.  But forget the writing time.  I’m falling into bed happily exhausted every night barely having checked my e-mails, let alone having written blog posts.

But I’m working a bit. I am taking two days to go up to Devil’s Lake to do research for the book I’m writing.

And speaking of research…

Just happens that today I have a guest post over at the super cool blog,  The Cover Contessa, on researching the paranormal.  Check it out here: Paranormal Activities Guest Post

In the meantime, I’ll be going to Build-A-Bear with my girls, catching lightning bugs and eating way more food than is good for me. 

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