Book Cover Discovery: Guest Post by Emma, 10 and Elodie, 6

I saw this on a different blog a while back (sorry! can’t remember which one since I follow so many!) and thought it would be fun to do with my kids.  So, since it’s the last day of vacation and my brain is butter, I figured this would be a great time.

I showed the girls the covers of books and asked them what they thought the book was about.  Here are their answers:

 Looking for Alaska

 Emma: Somebody who’s dying and his soul is coming out.

 Elodie: A ghost with a tornado who haunts kids and papas and mommies.


Emma: A girl who got hit by lightning and after is all by herself.

Elodie: A girl who wants a boyfriend and doesn’t have one because she’s dead. She’s a ghost.

The Host

Emma: A girl who is obsessed with somebody and she can’t stop herself.

Elodie:  A girl who transforms into a werewolf in the full moon.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone:

Emma: She’s at a carnival and there’s a protest.  People shoot and she hides. Because she’s smoke she can go wherever she wants.

Elodie: She’s lost and she found some bones.  They are the bones of her mommy who is dead.  She can’t live without her mommy so she’s going to kill herself.


They vaguely know what the story is about, but wanted to say for my book what they’d think if they saw it on the shelf.

Emma: It’s about a girl calling for a cab.  “Hello!”

Elodie: A girl was in a tornado and was taken away.

Thank you, Emma and Elodie.  I still worry about getting you into therapy.  I believe you are around your mother who loves dark fiction and creepy tales way too often.

8 thoughts on “Book Cover Discovery: Guest Post by Emma, 10 and Elodie, 6”

  1. I've laughed myself silly just now. will show the covers to Robin and Hannah tomorrow, see what they make of them! (and let you know!).
    My favourite by far is the Taxi cab caller…”Hello!” (it's Anita btw…how does this thing work?? not sure I want to be anonymous, it's a bit creepy. but it seems it can't be helped.argh.)


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