slow striptease, untethered cover revamp

You Can Keep Your Hat On: Slow Striptease. Day 1

Yep, you read that right. A striptease.  Excited?

You should be.

What?  You thought I was going to take it all off?  Ha ha ha!  I do paranormal. Not horror.

No, today is day one of the slow striptease of my brand spanking new cover of Untethered!   I really liked the old cover and will keep that first edition close to my heart.  But I needed to make sure Untethered looked like the YA novel it is.  And so…

Here’s today’s sneak peek:

Come back tomorrow to see a bit more of this gorgeous cover by Nathalia Suellen.  You won’t be disappointed.
Friday is the big reveal.  You’ll get to see the Full Monty!!

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