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Ten Things (I’ve experienced) That are Less Painful than Writing a Novel Synopsis


Of all the social media platforms that exist, Twitter is by far my favorite; it is where I’ve made some of the most fantastic friends.  Pretty wild, what with a 140 character restriction and all.  But I’ve met other writers who’ve knocked my socks off, helped me put them back on and even gave me a foot rub in between — all figuratively, of course.

One of those writers is Shanah Wooldrage.  Check out her blog Sisu Diaries.  Her generosity and strength and humor come through in her posts.  But, she’s a little delusional, too, since she nominated me for the Awesome Blog Content Award.  Forget the awesome, I’ve got to at least come up with some content before she realizes her mistake!  Since I’ve been working on writing a synopsis of my latest novel, I thought I’d go in that direction:

Ten Things (I’ve experienced) That are Less Painful than Writing a Novel Synopsis

1.  Slamming your thumb in the car door.  Did this when I was eight and still remember the agony.  But I’d do it again in order to avoid writing a synopsis.

2.  DIY bikini wax on a veritable jungle. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking.  But I cried and never, ever tried it on myself again.

3. Trigonometry.  Geometry.  Algebra.  Calculus.

4.  Childbirth. Too late for an epidural. And with a baby the size of a freaking watermelon.  Where labor lasts 13 hours.  Begging for death…just not a synopsis.

5.  Getting cavities filled when the local anesthetic is too weak.  Feels like the drill goes from your tooth straight to your brain.

6.  Listening to Rush Limbaugh.  Hmmm.  Hesitating on this.  It might actually be less painful to write a synopsis.

7.  Whiplash from being rammed from behind in the car.  Then chasing the damn guy all over to catch his license plate…only to discover he’s not insured and can’t pay for your medical bills.

8.  Walking face first into a telephone pole.  Yeah, I know. Duh.

9.  Taxes.

10. Writing an entire novel.  Ripping it to pieces.  Rewriting it. Rewriting it. Rewriting it. Rewriting it again.  Yeah, even that is less torturous.

Well, now it’s time to nominate other for the Awesome Blog Content Award, and if they want to continue on the blog hopping thing, all the better.  I choose:  The wonderful Wendy Storer, super Sutton Shields, and the magnificent Margo Bond Collins.

5 thoughts on “Ten Things (I’ve experienced) That are Less Painful than Writing a Novel Synopsis”

  1. Hahaha! You've got awesome content on here! I am so *not* delusional. 😉 And thank you so much for your kind words. I blush and am humbled. *hugs*


  2. I can identify with all of these, except walking into a telephone pole…walked into a glass door, though, and it had dark tape on it so people wouldn't walk into it… and you're right: all less painful than writing a synopsis – except the Rush Limbaugh thing. Nothing's more painful than that! 😀


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