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Seven Things

I cannot say enough cool stuff about Margo Bond Collins.  She’s an author I discovered via the Rave Reviews Book Club who writes paranormal and who just plain rocks.  Her new book, Legally Undead, is coming out on May 27th and she has several more titles on the way. Margo is a gracious and generous writer who is definitely Very Inspiring.  She just tagged me on the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.   
Check out her blog HERE.

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award is given by bloggers to bloggers.  Here are the rules:  

1.Link back to the person nominating you for the award
2.Display the Very Inspiring Blogger logo
3.Reveal seven things about yourself
4.Nominate seven others to receive the award

Okay.  So seven things about me that you won’t find on my profile:

1. I was reading YA as an adult way before it was considered cool.  I started off reading Lois Duncan (love her love her — her stuff inspired Untethered) when I was a teen, but continued reading all things teen all the way through my twenties, thirties and, uh, beyond.  It didn’t take Twilight to turn me on to what YA has to offer.  It took Stranger with My Face.

2. I cannot write with music on.  And I really don’t understand those people who can.  I need either silence or white noise in order to work.  Same thing to sleep.  Hmmmm…..Which may be why I often fall asleep on the keyboard.

3. If I ever become a millionaire, the very first thing I’m doing is hiring a chef.  I adore eating but I loathe cooking.  Baking? Fine.  Cooking? Absolute torture.  For me and for those at the table. 

4. I’m a home makeover show addict.  Maybe one day if we can get out of our rented apartment and buy a place, I’ll get my fix by making over my own home.  *sighs*  I can always dream.

5. I’m becoming an amateur expert on living with someone with minor brain trauma. My husband had a ruptured brain aneurysm two years ago and we’re still dealing with the fallout.  Who knows, I may just write a book on it.

6. It’s not a party if there is no dancing involved, IMO.

7. I speak fluent French (I need to here in Geneva), but my accent is cringe-worthy. My kids have to “translate” my French words into better enunciated French words for their friends all the time.

So there you go, seven things about me.  Now here are seven writer/ bloggers who inspire me. Maybe they will inspire you, too:

Wendy Storer, author
Daniela Norris, author
Sarah Lyons Fleming, author
Toni, My Book Addiction
Lexxie, (Un)conventional Bookviews
Kindle Ninja, Kindle Ninja Reviews
Darcie and Rudi, Slush Heap

2 thoughts on “Seven Things”

  1. Aww, thanks very much for the nomination. Will have to think about that one…but love your seven things. And when you do become a millionaire, please will you hire me to come and cook you a fancy meal? (I'll go easy on the peanut butter. Promise.) X


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