Clockwork Siren Series, sad news

No Words

Normally, I would have been hyping up the release of The Clockwork Siren Series Boxed Set today.  But an event has more than overshadowed that.

Today is the funeral for a boy in my youngest daughter’s class. He had just turned 10. He was too young. Way too young.  This kid was so dynamic, so full of life, that it is difficult to imagine he is no longer here.  Cancer took him on the 25th. 

Last night the neighborhood gathered around the sandbox in the park to light candles and give our love to his family.  I cannot even begin to imagine the horror his mother is going through, but that woman was so gracious and when she handed out hugs it felt as if she were consoling you, not the other way around. Behind her tears, she had words of encouragement for the dozens of kids who came up to her. She was, in short, amazing, despite how painful it all must have been.  Despite how unfair it is.

My daughter and I are going to the cemetery, along with most of her class. I will hold Elodie’s hand tight, so very, very tight. I am going to have a hard time letting go.


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